Welcome to the new ‘MAR Report’ Blog!

You are not dreaming, you are actually reading the first post on MAR’s new blog the ‘MAR Report’.  Ok, you probably haven’t dreamt about MAR having a blog, but that’s ok because you’re here now.

The goal of this blog is to give REALTOR® members (and anyone else who is interested in real estate for that matter) not only a place to come for MAR and real estate industry news, but also a place to engage in conversation on different relevant topics that might interest you and benefit fellow members and readers.

Initially the MAR Report will be authored by Karen Dumond, editor & chief of Bay State REALTOR® Magazine, David Conroy, MAR Information Technology manager, and me, Eric Berman, MAR communications director.  However, we envision the stable of writers to grow rather quickly and include other MAR members and staff.  In addition, there will be articles from Bay State REALTOR® Magazine and there could even be the occasional post by a guest blogger or two.

There are several ways you can keep track of new posts on the blog.  You can sign up for daily email updates, which means you’ll be emailed on the days that new posts are added.  You can subscribe to our RSS feed or you can even “stalk” us on Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin where you’ll be notified of new posts via status updates.

We look forward to the conversations and your feedback!

-Eric B.