Social Media Monday: Successful content requires Google Plus #marealtorssmm

Have you been sleeping on Google Plus? This article from Inman News reminds us why a Google Plus page for a real estate business is not just a bonus, but a requirement for successful content.

A highlight from the article:

Great content, blogs, news and videos don’t just magically have 8,000 hits their first day unless they have already created the authority. It happens over time with more and more people sharing and commenting on it.

Get on that social media you have been so putting off. Google Plus is one of the best because your posts and links can get instantly indexed when you use Google’s social media to share it. Google looks at that content and then watches it to see whether anyone else likes it. Google gives it more or less value based on what others think about it and how much it’s shared and talked about. Respond to any and all comments and likes or plusses on your social media and let people know you are a real person, not just an automated application that posts every 3.5 days to your accounts. It used to work in the past, it doesn’t anymore. Be real, be in the moment and be ready to respond.

Find the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS on Google Plus here.

Read the rest of the article on Inman News.