Share the Holiday Joy with Friends and Family – Save 20% on the entire order

The winter holiday is a great time for your business to flourish. Important celebrations call for flowers to decorate, beautify and accessorize. Studies have shown that by creating a warm and joyous atmosphere, a customer’s mood will be elevated. From winter holly and poinsettias, our memories are wound around flowers so profoundly, a single stem is enough to stimulate endorphins that flood your mind with sensory recollections of past occasions. At an unconscious level, flowers have a positive influence on the way people perceive each other as well as how enjoyable they remember a particular experience to be. Setting the stage for your employees or customers to think positively of your company and its brand.

This is an exclusive offer for From You Flowers Partners only. Don’t wait too long to place your order as this deal won’t last. Deliveries not available on Sat., Sun or Monday. For more information go to or call 1.800.838.8853 and refer to: Code 21L

Have a fantastic holiday season and best wishes for a Happy New Year.