Is joining LinkedIn like getting a gym membership?

Here at MAR we have a LinkedIn group and we have close to 1,000 members. Not only do we have close to 1,000 members, but this group is only open to REALTORS(R), so each request to join has to be approved. However, we were wondering  how many members of the group, or of LinkedIn in general, actually participate?

The question is even more significant when you consider that in LinkedIn’s own initial public offering document the company “admits” its own members don’t really use the site (check out the blog post by Jim Edwards at bnet)

… a substantial majority of our members do not visit our website on a monthly basis, and a substantial majority of our page views are generated by a minority of our members.

So, we wanted to know, how do you use LinkedIn? Is it helping you generate business? And if you are a member of MAR and a member of our LinkedIn group, what would you like to see from us? Let us know!