mar shopping connection


With the “Hallmark Holiday” known as Valentine’s Day fast approaching, some of us may find ourselves scrambling to pick up a great gift for that special someone. Throw in the snow that we’re supposed to be receiving and shopping just became that much harder. Don’t fret though, there’s no need to even leave the house now that we can take advantage of the MAR Shopping Connection online!

The MAR Shopping Connection is a brand new member benefit program designed exclusively for the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®. Why shop online you say? How about the fact that we can earn up to 15% cash back from the over 850 retailers that are availiable! When shopping, cash back is accumulated and that cash can be back in your pocket via a check or it can be deposited into your PayPal account. Do you have the day off? Stayed home to watch kids? Why not check out the MAR Shopping Connetion while you’re hanging out? There isn’t enough snow to make a snowman yet anyway.