Lead Generation Made Easy with LinkedIn

Lead generation just got a whole lot easier with LinkedIn.

If you’re already using LinkedIn’s advertising tools to drive traffic to your website, for example, then you may have noticed the recent option to “Collect leads using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms.”

How do LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms work? It’s simple. When a prospective client clicks on your ad, they will be prompted to fill out a form, which will automatically populate with their information from LinkedIn. Because people tend to keep their LinkedIn profiles up-to-date, this ensures that your lead will be accurate and complete. This solves the common problem of inaccurate, abandoned and incomplete lead generation forms that you may be all too familiar with as an advertiser.

After the user fills the form they will land wherever your ad was directed–your website, eBook or webinar sign-up page, for example. You can then export your leads directly from LinkedIn into the CRM or marketing automation platform of your choice.

Learn more in this video from LinkedIn:


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Craft the Perfect Post for the “Big 3” Social Media Networks | Social Media Monday

Although automation is a tempting tool to use in the bustling world of social media (no one has time to be Tweeting 24/7), users can usually smell  a spammy post from a mile away.

According to a survey published this year by Fractl and Buzzfeed, the two top offenses listed when a user unfollowed a brand were “too much self promotion” and “automated messages.”


That’s why it’s important to tailor each post to fit the best practices of each network you’re using for your real estate business. It might require some extra thought, but test some different strategies to see which work best for you.

To help get you started, check out Hubspot’s 29 tips to craft he perfect posts for Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter:

Social Media Monday: How to self-publish on LinkedIn

Ostersund, Sweden - August 3, 2014: Linkedin webpage on a comput

As a REALTOR, we’re sure you have a robust LinkedIn profile page with plenty of “connections,” but how often are you engaging with your following? One strategy to make sure your connections don’t forget about you is to use LinkedIn to self-publish. Think of it as a blogging platform–in fact, if you have a blog, it can be helpful to migrate content from there. Otherwise, simply share your real estate expertise through writing “to raise your professional profile to another level by showcasing your expertise on relevant topics.”

Read the rest of the article on Mashable.

Social Media Monday: How to hone your skills section on LinkedIn

Ostersund, Sweden - August 3, 2014: Linkedin webpage on a comput

The skills section of your LinkedIn page matter more than ever, according to Mashable, as the business-oriented social platform “recently tweaked its search engine so that you can filter by the skills on a user’s profile (i.e., your LinkedIn Skills affect your search rankings).”

The top ten hireable skills according to LinkedIn are predictably techie skills, but REALTORS® can still take advantage of the updated search engine on the site by honing in on the most important and frequent skills in the industry.

Read on to get specific tips on perfecting your skills section from a LinkedIn expert on Mashable.

Social Media Monday: Boost your LinkedIn profiles views by 475%

Ostersund, Sweden -August 3, 2014:  Linkedin website under a mag

Every month MAR highlights a different social platform in weekly Social Media Monday posts. This April, we’ll be focusing on LinkedIn, the social site for professionals that’s all about networking, connection and visibility in your industry.

To get a leg up on your LinkedIn strategy this month, read this refresher from Mashable: “How to increase your LinkedIn profile views by 475%,” or skim the bullet points below:

1. Find the right group – There are countless groups of professionals in every industry on LinkedIn. We recommend you join the MAR LinkedIn group to keep up with your fellow MA REALTORS®.

2. Get the lay of the land – Read over the last week to month’s worth of posts in the group’s discussion feed to get a feel for the type of conversations that go on there. Take note–what are the most successful posts?

3. Join a discussion – Collaboration and conversation are key in LinkedIn and dinner parties. Don’t be the obnoxious guest that just jumps in are tries to dominate the conversation–respond to others’ discussion topics first.

4. Start your own discussion – Open-ended questions and industry news topics are highly successful in LinkedIn groups. Invite others to share their expertise, and do not use this as an opportunity to shamelessly self-promote.

Read the entire article, “How to increase your LinkedIn profile views by 425%” on Mashable.

We look forward to you testing out your new skills in the MAR LinkedIn group!

Social Media Monday: The Latest LinkedIn Features You Should Start Using Today #marealtorssmm

For today’s Social Media Monday we’d like to share with you an article from Forbes, “The Latest LinkedIn Features You Should Start Using Today.” Author William Arruda describes his five favorite recent LinkedIn upgrades, including:

1. Background
2. Who has viewed your profile
3. Profile rank
4. LinkedIn Connected app (for iPhone)
5. LinkedIn publishing platform

Read here to learn how you can use each of these features to get the most out of your LinkedIn page!

Then, REALTORS, tell us… do you plan on using any of these upgrades for your real estate business? Tell us how in the comments below.

*We hope you find this link interesting, but please don’t consider this an endorsement by the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS®. Please read our Terms of Use Policy and disclaimer