Safety Alert for REALTORS from the Greater Boston Association of REALTORS

We wanted to pass on this potential safety concern that was forwarded to us by the Greater Boston Association of REALTORS (GBAR).

GBAR has received several notifications that a man going by the name “Doug”, with a phone number from the 508 area code and ending in -1064, has been contacting female agents in MA and NH. At first he inquires about buying a house and then states he has opened a hair salon “Hair by Doug”.

It has been reported that he asks strange questions and the Association is suspicious of his intentions. PLEASE REMEMBER THE IMPORTANCE OF YOUR SAFETY WHEN PERFORMING YOUR DUTIES AS A REALTOR!

  • Never meet strangers at vacant properties, instead insist on meeting them at the office or with at least one other person present, and go to locations in separate vehicles.
  • Provide your office with information about those you will be taking to view homes or properties, including their name and address as well as make and model of their car.
  • Allow prospective buyers to enter property first and stay between them and a door or other entry/exit out of the property.
  • Notify your office as to address of properties you will be touring, how long you expect to be with buyer(s) and when you expect to return, and have a code word with the office you can use in the case of an emergency.
  • Be sure that your cell phone is always charged and have office and emergency phone numbers are on speed-dial.

For more safety precautions and resources access NAR’s Field Guide on REALTOR® Safety ( and the Safety for REALTORS® page on (

Stay safe and please report any suspicious calls to the local authorities.