Researchers looking for first-time homebuyers

Give your clients a chance to earn $500, if they qualify for study


Attention REALTORS®: Researchers at Abt Associates, an independent policy research center in Cambridge, are looking to recruit first-time homebuyers in Eastern/Central Mass and follow them through the mortgage and home buying process. (The center has done work with MassHousing and HUD in the past.)

For those clients that qualify and participate, there is the opportunity to receive an incentive of up to $500. Participants will make short video diaries of their experiences (and receive a video camera if they need it), along with meeting with members of the research team at least three times, answer short online surveys and quizzes, and be asked to share relevant documents with the researchers.

If you have clients that might be interested, please call their toll-free study hotline at 844-790-3022. You can also email the project director at