Northampton REALTOR Specializes in Rail-Trails

It’s springtime, and here in the Northeast many are looking to spend more time outdoors. Rail-trails, multipurpose public paths created from former railroad corridors, are one way to enjoy the sunshine. They are also proving to be a boon for buyers looking for recreation (like bicycling, walking, inline skating, etc.) in their backyard.

Craig Della Penna, REALTOR® in Northampton who specializes in selling homes near rail-trails and other land conservations, is highlighted in this week’s NAR Real Estate News, Daily Updates from REALTOR® Magazine. Read the full article here.

Courtesy of Craig Della Penna
Courtesy of Craig Della Penna

From the interview:

“Being an expert on something as forgotten or mundane as an old railroad line — and bringing it back to life as a trail — means that I have scores of stories of inspirational things that people have told me about what it means to them to have the trail in the community. In the past, the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker were the de facto go-to people in the community. Today, the real estate professional in the community is one of those go-to people. And today, doing inspirational and uplifting work for the long-term good of the community is something people appreciate and value, and they’ll refer buyers and sellers to you.”