New TV series looking for Mass. REALTORS

We wanted to pass this potential opportunity along. A new TV series is looking for REALTORS with big personalities, a gift for gab, and the guts and creativity to deal with stigmatized and otherwise “unsellable” properties.

If this sounds like you and it is something you are interested in, then contact Workaholic Productions. They are producing a new series for a major cable network that will focus on what it takes to sell the least desirable properties in the country.

Workaholic Productions, based in Los Angeles, has created and produced series for History, Discovery Channel, National Geographic and A&E.

Workaholic Productions, Inc


If you’re interested, please send a brief email describing how you met the challenges for one of the toughest properties you’ve ever sold and a photo of yourself to:

Just so you know…
MAR has nothing to do with this (and no one from Mass. might even get selected), but if you do become a big TV Star, send us an autograph! Good luck!