2012 housing data release schedule now available

Below is our 2012 housing data release schedule. Generally speaking, releases are issued on Tuesdays.

2nd Tuesday of the month – Pending Sales Release (homes under agreement to be sold)

3rd Tuesday of the month – REALTOR Market Index and REALTOR Price Index

4th Tuesday of the month – Closed sales (# of home sales, median prices, inventory, months of supply and days on market)

If there is an asterisk (*), then there is a date change. If any other dates are changed, we’ll let you know here and via Twitter(@MARealtors) and Facebook (www.facebook.com/marealtors).

Click the link for a pdf of 2012 data release schedule

10th – December 2011/Year-end Pending Sales

*18th – December 2011/Year-end REALTOR® Market Index (*Wednesday)

24th – December 2011/Year-end Sales Report (SF and Condominiums)

*7th – January 2012 Pending Sales (*1st Tuesday)

*9 January 2012 Pending Sales (*Thursday)

**14th – January 2012 REALTOR® Market Index (**2nd Tuesday)

28th – January 2012 Sales Report (SF and Condominiums)

13th – February 2012 Pending Sales

20th – February 2012 REALTOR® Market Index

*28th – February 2012 Sales Report (SF and Condominiums) (*Wednesday)

10th – March 2012 Pending Sales

17th – March 2012 REALTOR® Market Index

24th – March 2012 Report (SF and Condominiums)


8th – April 2012 Pending Sales

15th – April 2012 REALTOR® Market Index

22th – April 2012 Report (SF and Condominiums)

12th – May 2012 Pending Sales

19th – May 2012 REALTOR® Market Index

26th – May 2012 Report (SF and Condominiums)

10th – June 2012 Pending Sales

17th – June 2012 REALTOR® Market Index

24th – June 2012 Report (SF and Condominiums)

14th – July 2012 Pending Sales

21th – July 2012 REALTOR® Market Index

28th – July 2012 Report (SF and Condominiums)

11th – August 2012 Pending Sales

18th – August 2012 REALTOR® Market Index

25th – August 2012 Report (SF and Condominiums)

*10th – September 2012 Pending Sales (*Wednesday)

16th – September 2012 REALTOR® Market Index

23rd – September 2012 Report (SF and Condominiums)

13th – October 2012 Pending Sales

20th – October 2012 REALTOR® Market Index

27th – October 2012 Report (SF and Condominiums)

*4th – November 2012 Pending Sales (*1st Tuesday)

**11th – November 2012 REALTOR® Market Index (**2nd Tuesday)

***20th – November 2012 Report (SF and Condominiums) (***Thursday)