Social Media Monday: How To Upload Photos to Flickr #marealtorssmm

Even if the thought of managing yet another social media site has your head spinning, don’t dismiss Flickr just yet. This photo-sharing network is unbelievably easy to manage.

Flickr_upload_page copy
Flickr’s upload page

After you’ve created your profile, head to Flickr’s upload page. From there, you can upload photos either in batches or individually. The upload page even has a drag and drop feature, which allows you to upload photos by dragging them right from your desktop.

With the terabyte of space that comes with the free user account, Flickr says you could upload one photo every hour for the next 40 years (or about 350,000 photos) and still have room.

Much like Facebook, Flickr also allows for the creation of photo albums, where content of a similar theme or from a specific event can be grouped together.

Just remember: the most successful images on Flickr are big, beautiful and high-resolution, so don’t be afraid to work your inner photographer. Also, this is isn’t Pinterest: Flickr is vigilant about copyright violations, so be sure to post only original content.