Social Media Monday: How to leverage your personal Facebook page for business #marealtorssmm

Photo courtesy of Jason Howie on Flickr

As a REALTOR®, it’s likely that you use both your personal Facebook page and your business page to reach potential clients. Real estate is, after all, a highly personal enterprise . Customers want to get to know and trust the person that is helping them buy or sell their home.

This fact, taken in light of Mark Zuckerberg’s recent declaration, “People first,” is good news for social-media-minded REALTORS®. With organic reach down, Facebook is certainly making life more difficult for business pages (and more expensive), but REALTORS® shouldn’t despair. There are a number of ways to leverage your personal Facebook page to achieve more reach, get more traffic to your website, or attain a number of your digital marketing goals.

1. Go into your personal page and like/share posts from your business page. – Organic reach for business pages is down, but you (and your employees/partners) can easily boost business posts by going into your personal page and sharing or liking posts from your business page. These posts will then appear in your personal friends’ newsfeeds. The trick is to do this tastefully and sparingly so your personal page doesn’t become spammy.

2. Tag people and places. – Facebook wants to know where you are, and who you’re there with. Creepiness aside, the social media giant rewards posts with tags. Tags can also expand your reach to other peoples’ newsfeeds outside of your fan-base. So get out, take photos, and tag everyone and everything!

3. Check into the office or special events. – The next time you’re hard-pressed for content, why not just tag your place of business from your personal page with the caption, “At the office!” (It’s simple, and drives traffic to your business page.) Another good opportunity for location tags is special events your company might be attending or hosting (think conferences, charity, networking events).

4. Merge your Facebook and Instagram strategies. – Instagram photos look alluring and are highly successful in Facebook newsfeeds. Take interesting instagram photos when you’re on the job, populate them right to your personal Facebook, and post them to your business page later. (AND share them with us in our upcoming monthly photo contest!)