Social Media Monday: How Google+ and Pinterest go together like peanut butter and jelly #marealtorssmm

Peanut Butter and Ja

Check out this article from social media writer Peg Fitzpatrick on how two of the most overlooked platforms (Google+ and Pinterest) are actually essential, and conveniently work together quite nicely like peanut butter and jelly! Fitzpatrick also happens to work for Canva, a photo-editing app that is highly recommended for those of you on Pinterest.

Here are just some of Fitzpatrick’s benefits of using Google+ and Pinterest cohesively:

1. Extends the life of your content.

2. Keeps you organized.

3. Helps you find better content.

4. Smarter marketing.

5. Rock the hashtag for better visibility across platforms.

6. The images work well on both platforms.

7. Google+ gives you a better opportunity to connect with Pinners and build a more solid relationship.

8. Gain access to a whole new network of followers on both platforms.

9. Great tip from Holly Homer: Holly tests content on Pinterest and if it does well, she shares it on Google+.

10. From Rebekah Radicecollaborate with fellow G Plussers and Pinners.

11. From Kelly Liebermann “find people with the same interests as you and connect with your niche community on Google+. Or create one.”

Read the rest of the article here, and let us know how you plan on making Google+ and Pinterest work together for your real estate business!