REALTOR® Safety Alert: Suspicious Calls in Fall River Area

On Monday November 3, 2014 the Fall River Police Departments Major Crimes Division was notified that several female REALTORS® have been receiving phone calls on their cell phone from a suspicious male.

The male often starts the conversation with the insinuation that he has met the Realtor previously and attempts to put the REALTOR® at ease by using their first name.  The male caller will often refer to a past showing and then transition into telling the REALTOR® that he has won the lottery in Florida and would like to purchase a home.  On several occasions the male eludes to taking the REALTOR® out on a date to Foxwoods.

We have been notified that these calls had started approximately one month ago and as recent as November 3, 2014. The calls have been as early as 6:20am and as late as 11:30pm The male caller has been described as being “upbeat”, between the age of 30 and 40 and has used the names Mike, Carlos and Tony.  He often refers to himself as being in the construction field.

The caller has provided phone numbers and e-mail addresses however research has shown that none of the information is truthful.

At this time no REALTOR® has met with the male since his calls rise to a level of suspicion that creates discomfort and eventually the call is terminated.  At this time no information relayed has led to the identity of the caller.

It should be noted that FRPD have taken calls from REALTORS® out of Swansea, Tiverton and Somerset.

For more safety precautions and resources access NAR’s Field Guide on REALTOR® Safety and MAR’s Safety for REALTORS® page.