Mass. REALTOR Price Index hits new high in March

Today we issued the results of our March 2012 REALTOR® Market Index (RMI) and REALTOR® Price Index (RPI). There is a lot to talk about, so let’s go straight to the highlights:

  • Both the RMI and the RPI were up compared to the same time last year and compared to February 2012.
  • This is the 8th straight month the RMI was up over the same time last year
  • The RMI hit its 2nd highest mark since the data has been tracked. More importantly, this is the highest point the RMI has reached without the existence of the homebuyer tax credit.
  • The RPI hit an all-time high mark in March

Hot Topic:

This month’s “Hot Topic” question asked REALTOR(R) members whether their buyer and seller clients had any concerns about job loss.

Click here to read the full release: March 2012 Realtor(R) Market Index and Realtor(R) Price Index

Data points:

  • REALTOR® Market Index in March was 49.54. Up 54% from the same time last year
  • REALTOR® Market Index in March was up 25% from February 2012
  • REALTOR® Price Index in March was 57.73.  Up 18% from the same time last year
  • REALTOR® Price Index in  March was up 5.4% from March 2012

Job Growth:

The Boston Globe is reporting today (4/18) that the Fed underestimated the state’s job growth in 2011. In fact, Mass. out performed the country as a whole.