What is the NAR ‘Political Survival Initiative’?

If you are a REALTOR®, I’m sure you’ve heard something about the REALTOR® Party Political Survival Initiative from the National Association of REALTORS® over the past couple of weeks. If you haven’t, please read on and you will.

In January 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court changed the country’s political landscape by ruling in Citizens United v FEC that corporate dollars (“soft money”) can be used to support candidates  and issues. These independent expenditures (candidate’s campaign may not be involved) are in addition to the personal “hard money” contributions which are made directly to candidates via funds from Political Action Committees (or PACs).

In response to this decision, NAR appointed a presidential advisory group (PAG) on behalf of members to make recommendations that would maintain and strengthen REALTORS® place among the most influential advocacy groups in America.

The result is the PAG recommended a comprehensive program called the REALTOR® Party Political Survival Initiative to raise $38.8 million for independent expenditures in 2012. As part of the program two-thirds of the money will come back to local and state associations to support local and state advocacy.  To reach the $38.8 million needed for the program, it  would require a $40 increase in the NAR portion of annual REALTOR® dues.

The REALTOR® Party Political Survival initiative has been approved by the NAR leadership team and is scheduled for vote by the NAR Board of Directors in May.

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