REALTOR® Day on the Hill Briefing: Land Use Reform

By Dean Terry on Flickr
By Dean Terry on Flickr

This is the last in a series of blog posts familiarizing members with the issues we will bring to the State House at REALTOR® Day on Beacon Hill. See our blog for the previous issues.

REALTORS® Oppose Land Use Reform as Drafted – H.1859/H.4065 An Act promoting the planning and development of sustainable communities

MAR has been involved in the discussion of land use reform for many years. Ultimately, increasing the production of housing remains a top priority for us and the owners, developers and real estate professionals we represent. As such, we cannot support the bill H.1859/H.4065 as it stands now, for a number of reasons:

1. The bill does nothing to prevent municipalities from continuing the practice of imposing arbitrary mitigation requirements on development. This practice hinders the development of much-needed housing and commercial growth in Massachusetts.

2. The authority for municipalities to impose mandatory zoning requirements on individual developments does so without providing density bonuses or other incentives.

3. The bill’s elimination of the simple and cost-effective Approval Not Required (ANR) process makes it more expensive and complicated to undertake the development of new lots with frontage on existing roads.

Ask you legislator to OPPOSE the H.1859/H.4065 at REALTOR® Day on Beacon Hill.

2014 MAR President Peter Ruffini invites you to REALTOR® Day on Beacon Hill, where REALTORS® will have a chance to network and learn about the key legislative issues that will affect the real estate industry and private property in 2014. Attend the REALTOR® Day on the Hill and make an impact on the legislative process. Check out the video.

REALTOR® Day on Beacon Hill is scheduled for:
Wednesday, June 11th, 2014
10:00 to 11:00AM
Massachusetts State House, Great Hall