Broker Calls for Action IPAD Giveaway


Are you a broker that isn’t enrolled in the FREE Calls for Action (CFA) Broker Involvement Program? If so, you may want to consider signing up today. CFAs refer to issues that will directly impact your business and have addressed: opposing a state sales tax on services, passing a law to deter the theft of copper pipes from homes, and, most recently, the “Blank Slate” Tax Reform. Why should Brokers sign up for the program? All of the Brokers who sign up will be entered to win a new IPAD!

Once signed up your agents will automatically receive CFA emails from you. Since your agents are more likely to open an email that you sent, the hope is that the CFA response rate will improve.  Your participation will help and it could win you a free IPAD!

*Rules and regulations do apply. Please visit the MAR Government Affairs page for additional information.*