Nominate a Good Neighbor or Educator Today

Did you know the dealine for nominations for the Good Neighbor Award and Educator of the Year Award is August 2nd? Regarless of if you did or didn’t, please continue reading. You may find that you know the perfect person for one or both of the awards!

The Massachusetts Association of REALTORS® is accepting applications for its Good Neighbor Award which was created to recognize members who are active in their communities. This award is presented annually to REALTORS® who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to serving their community through volunteerism and civic and charitable contributions. MAR is also seeking nominations for the Massachusetts Real Estate Educator of the Year Award. Persons to consider for this award range from continuing education instructors to trainers for local real estate brokerages to members of the local REALTOR® Assoicaition’s Education Committee.

Do you have anybody that you would like to nominate or would you like additional information? If so, please click here.