Looking to help the environment and save some money?

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Around this time of year I’m trying my best to keep my New Year’s resolutions. I’m cutting down on the sugar, eating a little healthier and saving the planet…sort of. You may be too so I’d like to share a way to save on energy – Viridian Energy. They’re a green energy provider and they partnered with our MAR Charitable Foundation to provide us with both a lower cost on our energy bills with the potential to receive residuals for the Charitable Foundation!

Viridian is able to offer 20% or 100% green energy plans.  The reason they can do this is thanks to energy deregulation but I won’t bore you with the details behind that. As I mentioned before, Viridian supports the  MAR Charitable Foundation by offering a bonus each time person signs up using the special MAR link. Your monthly utility bill will hopefully decrease and there’s no extra paperwork to sign up! The only two differences are that Viridian is listed as your supplier and you see their kilowatt hour rate under the supply section of the statement.

The absolute best thing about switching to Viridian is that this member benefit doesn’t cost any money. Click on MAR Win Win Win to find out more. Do you think this could benefit your family?