REALTORS Meet with FBI to Discuss Scams | The Wednesday Word

2014-12-30-scamsBack in October, the MAR Report issued a scam alert as part of Cyber Security Awareness Month. The MAR Legal Department also recorded a Sidebar on the topic. Unfortunately, MAR continues to hear reports of scams throughout the Commonwealth. The most common scam currently affecting the real estate industry is known as the “Business E-mail Compromise” or “BEC.”

To discuss what can be done regarding this scam, Massachusetts Association of REALTORS President Annie Blatz, Vice President of Legal Affairs Kurt Thompson, CEO Rob Authier, and General Counsel Michael McDonagh met with the Boston Economic Crime Squad of the FBI on Friday, March 4th, 2016. Together, the FBI and MAR agreed to increase awareness of these scams and educate REALTORS on ways to avoid and report the scam.

As this scam is prevalent in Massachusetts, the FBI and MAR encourage you to read this guide. The flyer contains an introduction to the scheme, common variations, suggestions for protecting yourself, and, most importantly, how and when to report the matter to the BFO-FBI. Print, e-mail, and/or share this document with your co-workers, and clients so everyone is prepared to react should the need arise.

Stay tuned for the next issue of the Bay State REALTOR Magazine for more advice on how to deal with scams, and do not hesitate to report any issues to

(Please note: This blog post was prepared by MAR Legal Staff: Michael McDonagh, General Counsel; Ashley Stolba, Associate Counsel; Justin Davidson, Legislative & Regulatory Counsel; and Christine Howe, Public Policy and Finance Coordinator)

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