New Year = New Deals

We all make promises to ourselves at the beginning of a new year. Sometimes we break those New Year resolutions rather soon, and before we know it, we are back to our normal, sometimes bad habits.

This year, if your resolution was to save money, I’m here to remind you that this resolution can stick. As a member of MAR, you have access to many benefits that you should take advantage of this year. A variety of services partner with MAR to provide special discounts on products and services not just for the office, but for the home as well.

Here’s a reminder of some top member benefits that can save you time and money in 2018:

1-Comtel Group INC. : Comtel Group is one of the nation’s most experienced telecommunications agencies providing independent, non-fee based consulting and services. Beyond traditional brokerages and consultancies, Comtel Group is your permanent and total communications solutions partner and advocate. Their goal is to optimize your experience and raise the standards of how business telecommunications services are bought, sold and managed. The best part—it’s free to MAR members!

2- Taxbot: Join thousands of happy agents and save thousands on your taxes every year. Taxbot is a mileage and expense tracking app. The one touch system captures your expenses and mileage in real time which are sent to the cloud and stored securely in a dynamic web portal. You can edit records, add new information, and create dynamic budgets with Taxbot.

3-Data Breach & Cyber Liability Insurance: Realtors® are a new target of cyber criminals. Insure your business from the financial harm and expenses that can result from a data breach. MAR members can have cyber and data breach insurance quoted and have coverage in effect in less than five minutes!

Happy New Year, and happy savings! For even more saving opportunities, check out all the MAR member benefits.

Massachusetts Pending Home Sales Up and Market Confidence High in December to Close out the Year and Throughout 2017

Buyers continued to come out and make accepted offers on single-family homes and condominiums in the final month of the year as the number of homes put under agreement and prices increased in DecemberAs a whole, 2017 saw both homes put under agreement and average median prices increase compared to 2016.

December Pending Sales: 

Single-Family  December 2017  December 2016  % Change 
Sales  3,162  2,834  11.6% 
Median Price  $382,500  $358,750  6.6% 
  • Pending sales have been up 11 of the last 12 months 
Condominium  December 2017  December 2016  % Change 
Sales  1,164  1,068  9.0% 
Median Price  $352,500  $342,500  2.9% 
  • Pending sales have been up 10 of the last 12 months 

Year-End Pending Sales: 

Single-Family  2017  2016  %Change 
Sales  57,308  56,605  +1.2% 
Avg. Median Price  $376,292  $353,644  +6.4% 


Condominium  2017  2016  %Change 
Sales  22,634  21,896  +3.4% 
Avg. Median Price  $349,163  $331,929  +5.2% 

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Pending Home Sales Jump in November as Prices Rise Again

Single-family pending home sales rose over 12 percent this month from November of last year, with prices rising over four percent. Pending condominium sales were also up, rising more than two percent over last year, while prices increased slightly. Realtors® confidence in the market was up almost 20 percent in November, while confidence in prices raised only slightly over last year.

November Pending Sales:

Single Family November 2017 November 2016 % Change
Sales 4,359 3,871 12.6%
Median Price $385,000 $369,000 4.3%
  • Pending sales up for 11 out of the last 12 months
Condominium November 2017 November 2016 % Change
Sales 1,895 1,854 2.2%
Median Price $349,000 $345,000 1.2%
  • Pending sales up for nine out of the last 12 months

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Breaking: Governor Charlie Baker Rolls Out Plan to Boost Housing Across the State

Governor Charlie Baker announced a plan Monday to add more housing to the anemic Massachusetts market. The plan includes $10 million dollars in grants and incentives to municipalities that add housing quickly. He’ll also ask the legislature to make it easier for communities to change zoning rules that make it difficult to build certain types of housing.

“More housing is the best way to solve our ongoing inventory crisis,” said 2017 Massachusetts Association of Realtors® President Paul Yorkis, president of Patriot Real Estate in Medway. “We are glad that the Governor is making housing production a priority and we look forward to working with his administration to tackle this important issue.”

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