Let Us Help You Succeed

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One of the most important missions of the Realtor® Association is to help new members succeed.  It can be overwhelming to start a new career, and you need the resources to help grow your business.  That’s why MAR developed the My Realtor® Mentor program a few years ago.  My Realtor® Mentor introduces new agents to resources available through the Association and helps them jumpstart their business to sustain a profitable, rewarding career as a Realtor®.

Each month for a year, the newest Realtor® members receive an email from us that contains information, tools, videos and other resources to help them succeed in business and understand the benefits available to them as a member of the Realtor® association. Even if you’ve been in the business for more than three years, you can still join the My Realtor® Mentor program.

Since the MAR My Realtor® Mentor Program began, over 12,000 members have received invaluable information, and according to annual membership research it is rated high among the reasons members find value in belonging to the organization.

My Realtor® Mentor Program will help you develop the self-confidence needed to succeed in the industry. If you’re looking for a way to take your business to the next level, My Realtor® Mentor Program is a great place to start.

Keeping Busy Keeps You Successful

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The real estate market is booming and you are going a mile a minute with customers and clients.  Then why am I seeing so many members at the abounding real estate events across the state?

We, as staff working for Realtors®, attend many local and statewide events to promote Realtor® value and benefits. Just in the past two weeks, we have participated in an event at a local Realtor® association, a company’s continuing education event and a business rally presented by the local chapter of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals. Earlier in the year we participated in a large company conference and another local association event and have scheduled to join at least three more local association events.

And we saw and will see so many of you there!  You are busy as can be but still want to attend the variety of real estate related events going on around you.  But I can answer the question why – because you see the value in networking and learning from experts and each other.

Building Relationships
Real estate is a profession of relationships, we all know the importance of relationships with your clients and customers, your community and your fellow Realtors®.  Without success in relationships there is little success in business.  So the best way to foster the relationships with each other, form your referral base and learn about the benefits of being a Realtor® is to attend Realtor® events.

Education is Key
Last week at the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professional’s Business Rally, a Q & A took place with a local top producer. When asked what advice she had for fellow agents regarding success, she replayed with a simple, confident answer: Education.

Luckily you have many  networking and education events to choose from and I encourage you to check with your local association and MAR for upcoming events.  Many local associations host one day conferences, networking events and more.  And when applicable, MAR attends local events as I’ve described above so that you can firsthand see the value and benefits the local, state and national Realtor® associations have to help you in your profession.  MAR also hosts an annual conference and our Young Professionals Network hosts at least one or two regional networking events a year.

The MAR events calendar has many event listings and so does your local association’s website.  I know many of you are finding the local and state events because we see you there, so keep looking and keep busy so you can keep growing your business.

Join us for REALTORS® Running for a Cause this Sunday

Will You Be Joining Us?

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Will you be joining us this Sunday, April 6 for the REALTORS® Running for a Cause fundraiser?

The National, Massachusetts, and Greater Boston Associations of REALTORS® have planned an evening of celebration to support members running in the 2014 Boston Marathon. REALTORS® Running for a Cause  will be from 7:30-10:30PM at the Harpoon Brewery, 306 Northern Avenue, Boston.

The fundraiser will be a night of entertainment, networking, fun and a great way to show support for one another! Proceeds from the event will benefit the various charities of REALTORS® running in the marathon, including One Fund Boston, Inc.  Tickets for the event are $75.00  / two tickets for $115/ $100 for one ticket and t-shirt.  Online registration will end Friday April 3, at 4:00PM.

Upcoming GRI 102 Course

Don’t miss out on the GRI 102 – Managing Risk course on June 11th & 12th from 8AM – 5:30PM at the Worcester Regional Association of REALTORS®! This two day course will include Risk Reduction and Financing the Sale, and qualifies for 8 hours of continuing education credits.

The course tuition is $250. GRI Alumni’s can take a refresher class for half price, space permitted.

To register please click the following link: http://tinyurl.com/kg6aw57

2014 State Budget Threatens Homeowner Tax Credits


MAR Leadership testified at a Public Hearing in opposition of the proposed budget by Governor Patrick. The budget would eliminate integral Homeowner Tax Credits such as: the Capital Gains Exclusion on Home Sales, the Lead Paint Tax Credit, and the Title V Tax Credit.

Should an item like the Capital Gains Exclusion on Home Sales be removed, it would have significant ramifications on home sellers. Married couples could pay up to $26,250 in taxes and single tax payers could pay up to $13,125 if this tax credit is removed! For a summary of these issues, click here.

As a REALTOR®, home buyer, or seller, these issues could impact you in a negative way. What are your thoughts on the potential removal these tax credits? How would you personally be impacted if they were no longer offered? PLEASE give us your thoughts.