Massachusetts Real Estate Market Starts Strong in 2017

Front Porch Of Resedential Home With Autumn Decorations

The 2017 real estate market started strong with the most closed home sales in a January since MAR began recording the data in 2004. Continuing buyer demand pushed closed sales up more three percent over last year. Single-family median prices also saw a hike over last year. Condominium sales and median price closed up in January as well.

Read more in the full January 2017 Closed Sales Release.

Highlights from the release:

      • January single-family home sales went up 3.2% over last year (3,400 sales in 2017 from 3,294 sales in January 2016)
      • January single-family median prices went up 7.4% year-over-year (to $354,000 in 2017 from $329,700 in January 2016)
      • January condo sales went up 4.1% and median prices went up 6.5% (to $330,000)
      • Inventory in January went down -33.6% to 11,259 and condominiums available down -29.1% to 3,211
      • SF listings added to the market in January went down -1.8% over last year. (4,167 from 4,242 in 2016)
      • Condo listings added to the market went up 9.9% over last year. (1,805 from 1,642 in 2016)