Bay State REALTOR March-April issue

The March-April issue has hit the streets.  Hopefully you’ve received your copy or checked it out online.  This is truly a marketing issue filled with great ideas on getting informed, educated and ready to be a success in the Spring 2011 Season.

Let me know which stories you found most valuable and useful:
Legal REALTOR – Fiduciary duty Trumps Listing Agreement
Legal Q&A – Apartment Fee Dilemma and Home Inspection Law Violations
License Law – Changes to Pre-Licensing Education
Building Confidence in the Buyer Market
Job Loss Mortgage Insurance: An Extra Boost for Buyer Confidence
President’s Message – Tools to Spark Your Business
MAR CEO Robert Authier Explains the Benefits of RAMCO

Want to Build Buyer Confidence?

Many REALTORS® say their biggest frustration with today’s market is buyer hesitation.  If its not the economy, its fear of job loss or gas price hikes etc.  Buyers can easily run scared by all the negativity in the national media.  But there are some great suggestions in the feature of the March/April issue of Bay State REALTOR® on how to counsel buyers and demonstrate your strong knowledge of the local market conditions.  Check out the feature and let me know if you have a tool you use to get buyers off the fence and ready to buy.

You may also be interested in the Job Loss Mortgage Insurance story and how MAR is offering it as a member benefit to boost buyer confidence by offering them mortgage protection should they lose their job.

MAR housing data release dates for remainder of 2011

It’s hard to believe that we are almost a quarter of the way through 2011, but we wanted to make sure you had the dates when we’ll be issuing our housing data for the remainder of the year. If there are any changes (and there could be) we’ll make sure to let you know.

These are the three sets of data we issue each month:

•    Pending home sales (homes under agreement to be sold) – 1st Tuesday of the month
•    Massachusetts REALTOR® Market Index and Price Index – 2nd/3rd – Tuesday of the month
•    Closed sales (# of homes sold, median price, inventory, months of supply and average days on market) – 4th Tuesday of the month.

15th  – February 2011 REALTOR® Market Index

29th – February 2011 Sales Report (SF and Condominiums)

5th – March 2011 Pending Sales

13th – March 2011 REALTOR® Market Index

*28th – March 2011 Report (SF and Condominiums) *Changed from 4/26/2011

3rd – April 2011 Pending Sales

17th – April 2011 REALTOR® Market Index

24th – April 2011 Report (SF and Condominiums)

7th – May 2011 Pending Sales

14th – May 2011 REALTOR® Market Index

28th – May 2011 Report (SF and Condominiums)

5th – June 2011 Pending Sales

12th – June 2011 REALTOR® Market Index

26th – June 2011 Report (SF and Condominiums)

2nd – July 2011 Pending Sales

16th – July 2011 REALTOR® Market Index

23th – July 2011 Report (SF and Condominiums)

6th – August 2011 Pending Sales

13th – August 2011 REALTOR® Market Index

27th – August 2011 Report (SF and Condominiums)

4th – September 2011 Pending Sales

11th – September 2011 REALTOR® Market Index

25th – September 2011 Report (SF and Condominiums)

2nd – October 2011 Pending Sales (this is a Wednesday)

15th – October 2011 REALTOR® Market Index

29th – October 2011 Report (SF and Condominiums)

6th – November 2011 Pending Sales

13th – November 2011 REALTOR® Market Index

20th – November 2011 Report (SF and Condominiums) (this is a Wednesday)